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This was a good confidence building game. Still won with a lot of mistakes. We moved the ball very well against one of the best defenses in the league. Shaf’s “underthrown’ ball to the 88 was into a fairly decent wind. Wind was very tricky coming from the NE at an angle and probably pushed Pandy’s one missed FG to the left. DB’s made some very good plays on balls (should have had three INTs but didn’t hold on), but also made some more missteps, as well. Again, some lousy tackling in the open field. The coaches MUST address this short coming. You can’t be a DB an be afraid to tackle. Too much diving at ankles rather than ‘going through’ the runner. Caslow is showing he will be a force in the future, and the speed and talent of the young WRs gives great hope for the offense going forward. I, too, was glad to see more attention to the TE’s and it paid off.
Also of note, Lehigh had 3x more people in the stands than the Hoyas! Pathetic to have the visitor take over your stadium. Also goes to show that despite the lamenting, we have a long and strong tradition that few schools show. I can’t help but think such a strong presence on the road helps the players knowing that despite the difficulty of the year, they still have our support.