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Funny thing about talent evaluation, one just never knows what cream rises to the top. There have been dozens of guys that left the fans less than excited when we signed them who really blossomed over the next 4 years. There have also been dozens of big time recruits that fizzled. Sometimes it truly is a crap shoot.
Ryan Bonshak was District 11 Player of the Year on Defense. He was also 1st team AS 4A in PA. Nobody recruited him. Perhaps it was size or speed, or people just watching film….who knows but one cannot overestimate a “nose for the ball”. It’s difficult to capture on tape. You can’t put a stopwatch to it or measure it in a gym. I have no idea how good Stewart is or whether we are truly after him but if somebody averages over 10 tackles/game for 3 years, he may just have that “nose for the ball”. It is certainly worth exploring IMO.