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I have been following CJ very closely, and he is buried on the Blazers. So far, this season, in only 3 games, he has played a total of 29 minutes, or just under 10 a game, and is scoring at a blistering pace of 0.7 ppg, meaning he has made just one basket over those 29 minutes.

Wesley Matthews is getting the heavy SG minutes at 35 mpg with Lilliard getting 34.3 mpg at the PG. The Blazers don’t use their bench much at all. They basically play 7 guys heavy minutes and the rest of their roster sits. The acquisition of Steve Blake tells me that the Blazers don’t see CJ as a solution at the backup PG spot. Blake is playing 22 mpg backing up Lilliard. CJ is battling for minutes now with Will Barton and Dorell Wright, and does not appear to be winning that battle. I think, from what I read of the Trailblazers news, that Coach is no fan of CJ. I think the organization likes his offensive game, but it goes no further than that. I assume defense is the problem. The Blazers are not looking for scoring as they have a bunch of scorers in Aldridge, Matthews, and Lilliard. The only positive I can see so far is that CJ has actually played in all 3 games so far, no DNP coaches decisions yet, which plagued him heavily last year down the stretch.

I agree a move out of Portland would be good.