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I’m with 90 on wing being the area of biggest opportunity. But I guess I’m less clear about the PG slot. I’m confident that we’ll be solid there, but the who is still a big question, to me. It stands to affect a lot of other things I think. Last year, I think we saw that MS has the tools in his game. However, I felt like he looked a little overwhelmed by the game speed, and just the jump to D1 college hoops. I think this is probably more significant at the 1 than anywhere else, too. Can we reasonably expect KR to be ready day 1? I dunno. But I am encouraged by what we hear from the coaches; they were right about TK last year.
If KR isn’t day 1 ready, the picture is muddy for me. Maybe MS makes the big jump this year. If not, that means the CS starts out running the point; we know that he can take care of the ball and make good decisions. But then we’ve got other questions. If he’s running point, then I think we need somebody else who can attack the basket off the dribble; I don’t think that’s his strength. And that then makes the wing questions more important. I’m very confident that AP will be in one of the 2/3 slots, but then who’s the other?
I’m still very optimistic about AP. I’m less concerned about his size/length – I think he’s fine there. What we’ll need to see is aggression and “nose for the ball” stuff.