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Few thoughts:

1) I think KR is the 4 year starter at the PG spot. Just a hunch, but I think he’s legit, like MM and others.

2) We are going to have to rebound by committee, team effort, as we don’t have a ton of rebounders on the roster. Our guards are small, and our 5 is a positional rebounder, and not a premium athlete. We are going to need big efforts on the glass from the 2 4’s (CB, JG) and JC. Hopefully, some of the wings can add some rebounding. But, we are going to be very small on the perimeter.

3) End of game scoring is always an issue. And, I don’t think TK is the answer here. When you post on the low block teams can take you away at the end of games, by doubling and tripling in the post. We did that plenty with Muscala over the years, and the end of game shots came more from the perimeter guys (Ayers, Willman, Johnson, etc). Unless somebody really makes a leap in their progression, this is going to be committee as well. Can they get good looks in the flow of the offense. There is no CJ type on this roster (toss it to the wing, clear out and let him go). You hope that KR is a guy who can break down a defense with penetration and kick or dish late in games.