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First, in response to TMH’s comments re: CS…….

I think that unless has really improved his overall game (good possibility, he will be giving up minutes to BA and JRG.

While I agree that CS may see a slight decrease in court time based on the influx of what we hope are talented guards, it’s hard to argue with the need for CS to improve his overall game. I give you the 2013-14 Stats for this year’s Captain:

FG% = .446 (#1 Guard)
3FG% = .383 (#2 Guard)
FT% = .833 (#1 on Team)
Rebounds = 2.6/Game (#1 Guard)
Assists = 2.5/Game (#2 on Team)
A/TO = 1.95 (#2 on Team)

As for who will show the greatest increase in performance, I’ll go with……

FG%: JC. With what I hope is greater interior scoring opportunities, it only makes sense. Last year, Jesse shot 2’s at the rate of .396 and 3’s at a .353 clip for an overall average of .378. I’m hoping to see Jesse at .400 overall this year.

PPG: My choice is TK and hope to see the numbers jump from 13 to 18+

RPG: Looking for JG to get increased minutes and see his boards go from 2.9 to 4.2 / game for a health 45% increase in production.