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There was a typo. I meant to say “I think that unless AP has really improved his overall game (good possibility), he will be giving up minutes to BA and JRG. SC will also find time as a designated sniper.” I continue to struggle with the fact that nearly 60% of APs points came from outside the 3 point line (15% from the FT)and he only shot 36% inside the 3 pt line for the season. These #s parallel his HS stats. We need wing players that can slash too.
As for CS, I always really liked his game. He may be at or near his cap however. The biggest jumps occur between the freshman and sophomore year and diminishes after that typically. CS may not be typical. That is not bad however, because as you noted too, he has been probably our most consistent player.
It will be very interesting to see how Doc allocates the minutes at the wing.
Again, excuse the typo.