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Doc Qb

Overall, I think this year’s class should be spread evenly. We have some younger DBs that should contribute in spring as well as LBs. Some are seeing time already. Getting a few more of these guys are versatile, and loading up on a few at each spot helps depth all around. What the staff needs to pay attention to is their dimensions, with scholarships we dont need to recruit a linebacker under 6 feet tall or under 220 lbs. Period. If you put Kaufman and Crawford there instead of wasted at FB, or get guys like them size wise, now you have something.

We have some younger OL hogs from the first schollie class that should jump up next year, no need for big numbers, but better selectivity and size/feet. RBs Leigh and Yosha will have had some minutes and a mult yrs of elibility remaining, but thats just two, I would focus on RB, maybe not bruisers but athletes that can go out in the slot on motion, catch passes. Might fit our offensive style more. We seem to be loading up on Qbs. Sasha and Pelletier are getting early time, but we’d be one injury away from having less potential game breakers…a few WR with scholarship legel speed and athleticism.

RBs, DBs, WRs, LBs, a real KICKER.