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There are only 15 scholarships and 4 are taken. So 11 left. People want to load up on linemen. How many of the 11 scholarships are going to OL? DL? DB? I saw someone said K too? Oh and LU needs some “FAST, TALL” WR. How many of the 11 remaining scholarships are being used on them?

Wish list should not just be about needs, but also about availability. Scholarship class sizes have been 19 & 20. Tells me on the high end, 12-13 guys are getting full scholarships. Remaining 7-8 guys are partial scholarships or paying $60,000+ per year (can’t be easy to find families willing to do that). Assuming early commits are full scholarship, there are only 8 or 9 full scholarships left if you want enough bodies to field a team. Over 4 years that still only gets you 75-80 on the roster.

So my question to the guys that have all the answers in here, how are you dividing the remaining 11 scholarships across positions to have a recruiting class of 19 or 20 guys?