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Are you confusing “on the team” and “in the recruiting class”.

I envision scholarship allocation much like a GM working a salary cap. The biggest difference is that in college, you evaluate each of your recruits based on talent and assign an allocation accordingly. If another Patriot League school evaluates them differently, then in our estimation, they are “over-paying”. The contention though that an athlete would simply jump at a 3/4 scholarship vs a 1/2 scholarship may not be entirely accurate though. There are a lot of factor that go into a college decision. From a football standpoint, it could be the quality of the program, bonding with the coaches or future teammates. It could academic. It could even be the campus. There is an art form to selling the college.
The last difference however is position. Many, if not most of our recruits play on both sides of the ball. They may play OL and DL, LB or TE, RB or DB. Their position may be based on need.