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IMO, the biggest problem right now is that CJ’s role on the team does not match CJ’s personality. I attended probably 30 or more games watching CJ play at Lehigh. It always seemed to me that it took him time to acclimate to the game. Once he got in rhythm, he would typically put up the quietest 20 points, 6 rb, 4 assist game you’ll ever see :-). If you follow his career at Portland, whenever he is given the opportunity to play extended minutes, he thrived. Too many times however, he would fall short in those first 3-4 minutes, never to get into that rhythm or see the floor again. I often wonder what would have been the outcome had Carter-Williams and CJ had changed places. Barring the health issues, I’m not convinced that CJ may not have been the Rookie of the Year. Just my opinion.
I keep thinking back when CJ was a sophomore in HS and was told he wasn’t going to start. It didn’t go well then either.