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Quote: “Ambiguous. Most restrictions apply to “recruited” athletes. LU has WOs like Grelis and Nana. Were they recruited ,are they getting need aid? Does it count vs PL cap? As of now,all aid is to be counted. A mystery ,so far,how that is to be computed. Caveat,may well be that PL and ADs have an actual working plan in place,just not published.

I do think there is a non-published set of rules in place. A lot of the talk on this subject seems to be more speculation than anything. A true unrecruited “walk-on” who gets need-based aid under the same rules as an ordinary student may not count towards the limit.

As for being recruited, there are fairly good NCAA guidelines. Don’t have time to look them up, but I think they are:

– No official visit
– No offer of financial aid from coaches etc
– No off-campus meeting with any coach

I would love for the PL to tell everyone the exact guidelines.

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