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At first I was pissed I could not find an archived version of the game.

Then I accidentally saw something while looking for the archived video on one of the websites. Read the game story and play-by-play. A game like this was very un-Lehigh-like with Cecchini around — penalties, key turnovers, key failures, etc. (Anyone ready for a new OC?)

You dominate the other team in yards and time of possession and come up short?

This combined with the average defense that gives up big plays is a recipe for a long, cold 150. Good news is there should be lots of tickets on StubHub.

Is it worth the time to watch next week’s game? Darn, I’m starting to sound like an LU student.

We were more competitive when we DID NOT pay kids to play.

Sorry to sound so negative’ I know a lot of kids make great efforts today — and Pandy had two FGs. 4 p.m.s were last week, I think.

Will things really get better next year? You have to wonder.