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I agree that the Folmar has been less than impressive so far this year. I do believe that Shafnisky’s inability to throw downfield does place limitations on this offense. I hate that LU has turned into some kind of read option team because of the QB’s strengths/weaknesses. The play calling in Q1 on the 1st and goal situation was so predictable. I continue to ask the question, “Where’s Andy?” He seems either unable or unwilling to inject himself into the game day situations. As an ex OC, why does he stand by when he sees Folmar struggling?

Here is my bottom line concern – when Andy had Cecchini, the offense returned to being more of what LU was/is? When Andy had Brown and now Folmar, the offense was anything but Air Lehigh and was/is very predictable. I continue to struggle as to why Andy is not more involved on Saturdays.