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Nick his limitations but he is not the reason we are 2-7. He has completed almost 60% of his passes for over 2000 yds. Made lots of inexperience mistakes ,tho he is getting better. Would be nice if he could throw deep but many of our QBs lacked arm strength. My season long confusion with Folmar continues. Some great designs and calls and some WTF calls,like today. Have no idea whether that is him or circumstances . IMO,we have a perfect storm of inexperience,injuries,a very tough schedule and an almost total changeover in staff. Does not excuse our inconsistent season but part of the reason. Andy’s task was to put it all together. For the above reasons ,he failed. Unlike last yr when the team gave up when things got tough,these guys haven’t. That gives me hope for next year. We have the talent to play with every team on our schedule and almost did. Would be surprised if we win last two games but I am optimistic for next year.