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If there is one thing that aggravates me about this game it’s that we didn’t even try to stretch the field vertically to try to wear out the front seven. It really displayed itself in the goal-line situations, where Lehigh ran into a mass of purple instead or trying to stretch to the outside. HC’s strength is in the interior of their defense – why, in Heck’s name, don’t you go more after the outside guys?

It was only at the end, when it was almost too late, that Lehigh did just that, with Yosha’s outside run to cut it to 27-20. But the game wasn’t lost there, it was lost after a first half where the game, conservatively, should have been 10-10. Instead the blown LU red-zone chances and the incredibly ill-advised throw by Shaf gave HC plenty of opportunity to get that critical second TD.

JMU recently made it to 7-3 with their win over Stony Brook, and if they beat Richmond and Elon they are no-doubt-about-it in the FCS playoffs this season. Lehigh had them on the ropes at home in the first game of the year, but they just couldn’t find the right play to come away with the win. Nine games in, this team still hasn’t learned how to win this type of game. They still make too many critical mistakes.

The offense is like an engine with every third piston firing. At times, there are great surges of power and flashes of strong play. When they’re not firing, it’s a standstill. Good teams don’t do this.