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1-Should have been up by 10 in the 1st. Wasn’t Sodekes fault. The whole follow the FB is a great call but poorly executed. There was 3-4 yards between the backs,when the TB needs to be on the FBs butt.
2-Other than 2 Dlineman in a rotation…the back 7 never subbed(other than your senior captain#29) came in for 4 plays on short yardage. Kondas and Robb must be in the dog house.
3-many young guys played,but same result,as techniques are poor.
4-My afternoon was ruined when I had such a pathetic excuse for a fan(his son plays Oline) constantly being such an ass and totally negative in the stands. When we made a good play,he was silent,but couldn’t wait to show his ass on any miscue.Especially on defense, were he would berate players and positions, I could tell he knew nothing about the game. No wonder his wife does not sit with him.(maybe that was LG or 61)
5-Lehigh Guy, your posts earlier are what I never thought we’d get here on LSF. nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but you truly are an embarrassment to the brown and white.

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