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Sorry to see the discussion deteriorated on here. Been too busy the past few days. But there is a huge difference between objective criticism and nasty and subjective comments. These are Patriot League students who are not to be confused with those attending the factories in the SEC. Keep in mind, your comments are viewed by everyone–including the students. So if you want to really demoralize a team it is not hard. Finally, there is not “freedom of speech” on such a website. This is a private creation and the administration has rules. The Government has no role in this. The First Amendment only applies to being free from Governmental restriction. I’m as disappointed in this season as anyone. After winning 40 games in four years, peoples’ expectations are raised. But every program, especially a this level, encountes bumps and down years. I see a lot to be optimistic about our future. A lot of young talent that gained a lot of education this year. Hopefully, they will put it to good use next year. But this year is not over, and finishing 4-7 (which we were before our great run) is a lot better than 2-9, and making those scumbags over in Easton cry on November 22 will be heartwarming for the winter! Go Lehigh!