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I walked out at the half,going back to the tailgate with the usual suspects. We were all feeling pretty good about the 1st half,as we had just made a FG to go up 10. Reminiscing about the 2 previous rings our boys had won as PL champs,we all had that special feeling. It was almost like a waste of time to continue the 2nd half, we knew 11-0 and the 3rd ring was inevitable.As the clock ticked down to 0:00 in the 4th quarter and watching Colgate shut us out in the 2nd half,win the game,and take away that championship the kids deserved WAS the most upset I’ve ever been at a Lehigh game. The 2nd half was 1 team playing not to lose…….and the other playing to win. I’m very proud of what those players accomplished,should have made the playoffs,but that game still haunts me.
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