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Really excited about the game tonight. Right off the bat we get our first look at some interesting things, including these:
1.) Kempton versus a BCS front line. How much does his reshaped body hemp him tonight. Has he gotten more consistent with his face up game and jumper as we have been led to believe. This will be fun to watch, hopefully we see signs that TK is about to dominate the league and be a legit POY guy.
2.) Ross: he is starting. The buzz and hype is large. I have not seen him in person yet but I hve watches a ton of video to know we are going to be happy with him. The prototypical floor general, head on a swivel, and a phenomenal passer….wait until you see him work the ball in and through tight spots on the bounce…tonight, will be interested to see how he handles nova experienced guards. Nova guards are pretty big, can Kahron penetrate and keep dribble alive when pressured. I don’t know, I think so, and can’t wait to find out.
3. Growth from yr 1 to year 2: already talked about TK but as curious if not more about growth of ap, JC, and ms as they move into year 2 of their college hoops careers. The jump between year 1 and 2 can sometimes be rather significant, and hopefully this group has grown. Ms by the way gets no mention, I like this kid a lot, probably our best athlete on the team super quick, hopeful he gets more time this year an a consistent role off bench.

3. Bench – to start anyway I think we have an improved depth this year with ms ba and JG as my first three off bench after KR ap CS JC TK. Our 9-12 has depth and options with CB TJ and then JRG and km.

4. Front court: the nucleus of TK JC and JG if healthy and improved could be a very formidable, athletic group at Mid major level and one that has shots to keep us in games like tonihjt. Can they improve rebounding and combined with our guard and wing support on boards can we do better then last year minus 3 differential. Interested to see how we hit glass tonight.

Fires up.