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Hoops00…….did you purposely leave Mr. Blue Shoes (SC) off your report? Hey, he was the team’s #1 three-point shooter last year @ .417, a solid FT shooter (.833), a frequent shot in the arm off the bench and a guy good for a couple of boards each game. With 84 games under his belt and with improvements (ever so slight but there) in his “D”, he may surprise us all a bit this year. For sure he’s someone the newcomers can look up.

So much to watch tonight, I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps unfair knowing the caliber of the team we’re about to face, but let’s hope we see the beginnings of improvement in our board play. If we hope to content for a title this year, we must see TK, JC and JG average more (far more) than a combined 16 boards/game (2013-14 numbers).