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I agree with most comments above. KR is for real loved his gave, some “Freshman” mistakes but great court vision and passing. He will be fun to watch.

Two things I did not see mentioned. Missed FTs and giving up offensive rebounds after Nova missed them. The first is not excuseable. The latter was a lot of tip outs by taller guys, tougher box outs should have drawn over the back calls, but Nova had muscle with the height so easier said than done. If the same thing happens in league games I would be more bothered.

I thought JG played fine and was surprised he got no minutes in the second half.

AP played great and showed a lot of improvement and confidence, BUT to many turnovers and not just against the press.

TK is a great Patriot League player, but he is at LU because he lacks the athleticism against teams like Nova. Just like other like every other player that we get is missing something, except heart which all our guys showed last night.

Key moment, 58-54, AP steals ball from Hilliard, loses it, great hustle to steal it back, and then throws a bad cross court pass that turns into an “and 1”. We never recovered. That was not the reason we lost, but I think it illustrates why we could not get over the hump. When the pressure picked up we tried that little extra and Nova’s athleticism was just better.

Overall, I was very happy with the way we played but agree with the disappointment that this one got away. This is a young team and I am excited about the next few years.