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I think Lehigh90s take on the game is pretty much spot on. I hate to take away too much from one game but here are some things that struck me.

KR may already be the best passer that I’ve seen at Lehigh. I believe he had 7 assists in 19 minutes and could have had more had his teammates finished the shot. Excellent court vision. He is going to make everyone better as he continues to progress.

CS was invisible and that puzzles me. KR has foul trouble early. We use a combination of MS and AP to bring the ball up with terrible results. CS is a sure ball handler, had a 2-1 assists to TO ration last year, and yet was not integral to the process. I was also disappointed that he didn’t take open 3s near the end of the game. But again, it’s just one game.

AP can flat out shoot and as noted, added an inside game, finishing strong several times. He made a lot of bad decisions though which really hurt from early shot selection to passing. 6 TOs to one assist. Again, next game he may reverse that.

TK has a significant skill set and works his butt off on the court. He will do very well in the PL but I still think lacks the elite athleticism YET.

We still don’t rebound the ball well. I saw very little boxing out, jumping, grabbing the ball with tenacity. Villanova was not that much bigger than us and yet had 19 Offensive RBs. That may have been the difference in the game. I still think we desperately need a big man coach. Just my humble opinion.

Interestingly, Lehigh gave Villanova fits for most of the game last night. Navy lost to #18 Michigan St by 5. American finished within 3 of Temple. Army, Lafayette, Bucknell all won. This league is showing signs of getting tougher.