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Doc Qb

Definitely more bright spots than games past. Nick has taken some criticism in this board for throwing ducks, lack of arm strength, etc. But I think he made some more throws with a little more authority and zip. The opening drive was the first of the year where Folmar finally built Nick’s confidence w an opening series of short throws, play action. Pelletier is going to be fun to watch. We did go to the well a little too often w jet sweep, though. Very happy for Soedeke, playing like a senior, exceeding many folks’ expectations.

Defense made more plays, more stops, but we were going against a one dimensional ‘Gate team, with a frosh Qb. Laub played his tail off at OLB. Rigaud finally made a good play on the ball late in endzone, but on a whole, our consistently terrible secondary play nearly gave away the game. These guys have collectively been out of position all year, and when in the neighborhood of decent coverage, continue to make such poor plays on the ball u would swear these guys never played DB before. And this has been all year. Thats not coaching, thats talent, unless the coaches dont drill them on it daily (which I doubt).

Now—on to 150. Frankasourous was watching i am sure, is he smart enuff to game plan to attack our secondary? Does he have the horses? I like us going in to this one.

Anybody watch JMU/Richmond? Those Dukes are playing damn well. What coulda been…