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We were downstairs in section 111, endzone slightly behind and to the left side of one basket. The lower level seats were about 90% full, with patches of empty seats mostly in the prime middle areas. As this game was included in Nova season package I’m assuming the no-shows were their fans who didn’t make the trek to see a the “home opener” all the way up in Allentown. The ends lower level were full with a ton of Hilliard fans. Top level was absolutely packed. The atmosphere was not electric for much of the crowd the first two thirds of the game mainly because we were winning. I suspect the Nova majority was having an extended WTF moment. But for the much smaller Lehigh crowd and the Mountain Hawk band it was super charged. Local published attendance 8,500+.
Food joints made a killing. We intended to eat downtown pregame and got there 6:30. All food places were 1-1/2 to 2 hour wait, so we ate after the game.