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I’ll have more to say tomorrow; pretty wiped out from a very busy weekend and a ridiculous amount of driving. I agree that the arena is a nice place, but also agree about the atmosphere. I felt like I saw a LOT of Lehigh folks in the arena – lots of LU gear out at the food vendors, etc. What bothered me was that there was no discernible Lehigh section, other than the student section behind the basket. I’m wondering if the LU’s allocation was scattered all over the arena; that’s how it felt, anyway. If that was done intentionally by nova, it worked. I think a team can pick up energy from their crowd, and the crowd can pick it up from each other. I wasn’t thrilled with my original ticket, so in 2nd half I moved around downstairs a bit. And I struggled to find an LU section making some noise. I really enjoyed the game anyway, and glad I went.
I got behind on my schedule on Friday, and got jammed up in some traffic around Philly – got there too late to catch up with my board-mates; around 7:45. Next time, I hope!