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I think that we should be cautious about getting to excited or to critical about performance on Friday. Nova was very flat in my opinion and shot horribly from the floor. Probably a direct impact of playing at an unfamiliar arena against an opponent they thought they could handle with ease. Nova did look out of shape and I think Lehigh looks to be improved physically. My opinions on the team:
KR – will be special if stays out of foul trouble and body holds up. Very, Very, Very small!
AP – Looks to have taken a big step forward but want to see it every night especially when teams game plan for him.
CS – Steady but needs to be more assertive on offensive end
TK – Looks great physically and can almost guarantee him will give LU 15/10 every night in PL if not in foul trouble.
JG – needs more minutes always productive
JC – Still not convinced he is a plus athlete and think he disappears for long stretches of games. Should be dominate in PL based on the eye test but IMHO JG much better fit with his skill set.
MS – Very athletic needs to take care of the ball.

Everyone else: not enough info yet.

Overall, I would think Coach Reed would be very pleased with performance and team can take some real positives from the game.

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  • This reply was modified 9 years ago by  pafan11.