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65, I gotta tell ya your pregame analysis is something I look forward to and is probably something people would pay for. Your references to KenPom last year led me to investigate and then subscribe this year. I’m a closet Excel freak, but I’m still trying to digest a third, let alone all of his calculations. It is amazing how close he gets to the opening night scores with no actual season statistics yet. And as to the Canisius game, obviously we need to win this to keep KenPom on our side. But more seriously, I think we blow them out if we shoot as well as Friday and have the same energy. Quite likely we don’t shoot as well, but should still be ok if we clean up the TO’s and have the same aggresive nature overall, particularly from TK and AP. Two personnel questions from Friday; Was JG benched second half for that wild pass that went over the scorers table? And how come no CB?