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Late as well but here goes. Agree with pafan don’t want to get to far ahead of ourselves, but lots to be encore urged about. Since we lost I will start with negatives.

1. 90 mentioned it but I will double up on it – reed – how we looked so unprepared for the trapping game of nova when we had all offseason and games been on calendar for 6 months baffles me. Upsetting, and to make zero in game adjustments, really upsetting.
2. I love ms, his athleticism but I struggle with if he’s really a 1. When you see him jump out of gym and hit pull-ups from 18, I wonder if we are stifling him making him a pg. he looked uncomfortable last yr versus pressure as well so hoping it gets better but I like him running as a wing and being aggressive. Corey has to be second ball handler after kr.
3. Giving up O boards on missed fts kill me.
4. Having TK only get 1/2 shots in first 11/12 mins of second half. We are inside out offense and he needs 18 shots a game.


1. TK – he took a big leap. His body much improved. His compete level very high, fighting and diving for balls, loved energy. The faceup game and baseline jumper wow. 18/9 doable and poy doable, big leap.

2. Ap – won’t beat this up anymore but impressive step forward. Kids a worker and it paid off.

3. Kr, your looking at like at a 900 plus assist guy, and all league talent. Kid is a worker to and will improve. But not does he have a great ball iq and floor general game.
4. If ya can check box on pg wing and big you can win most nights, good stuff.
5. Wanted to see. Ore post game for cj and JG . Didn’t get buff touches in post for them. But JG active in minutes and cj had nice drive early on pinkston.
6. Hope to see more BA, I am still high on him , very high. Not dire what happened but I do not expect him being behind dc. Think we will see a lot more BA tomorrow, that’s my gut. He can add another dimension.

On to canisius, fired up.