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You guys are spot on. It’s one thing to schedule a lower division team to try to get some reserves and walk-ons minutes , but to not be able to find an NCAA school of ANY division seems really strange. And announcing it days before the season starts? If we are going to play one of these games, I agree that it should be against a local NCAA school.

Another thing Lehigh could do but chooses not to is have an exhibition home game before the start of the season. Many D1 schools do this as a final warm-up and pre-season test as it does not count in the standings but tickets are sold and it is treated as a “real” game. Some of the PSAC Division 2 schools are pretty good and I could see not wanting to schedule them in the regular season in a down year, but making it an exhibition that doesn’t formally count in the standings solves that problem.

The Lehigh staff has a relationship with Desales (Harry Mora – ex lehigh assistant now on Deslaes staff) and Coach Krueger recently attended one of their practices on an off day. Maybe it came down to dates? Or maybe the D3’s don’t want to schedule a sure loss?