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I wasn’t able to watch the game so I’ve enjoyed all the eyewitness reports and rections. A few comments just from the box score:

– There have been a few mentions of CB’s continued knee trouble through the offseason. I wasn’t very surprised to see his lack of PT. I think it will take foul trouble for him to see extended minutes.

– I WAS surprised not to see at least a cameo for JRG.

– Happy to see JC go 3-3 on 2’s. A limited sample to be sure, but pretty encouraging after hus sub 40% 2pt shooting last year. Fouls a different story.

– Really happy to see big time production from AP. Offseason reports were very good, and I’m glad it translated into the game for him right off the bat. Might have to up my goal for him to 15ppg this year. Don’t want to comment on the turnovers without seeing the game, but that is not a pretty number.