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We are very luck to have TK, true pleasure. I think it’s pretty clear to me that his numbers should dwarf both mm and gk when doing the soph to soph comparison. I think he gets in the 18/9 arena. SBum, your right about mm length and rim protecting abilities, that’s not TK game. I do however really like the changes he made to his body and athleticism in offseason, he seems a step or two quicker and a bit more fluid in his actions. The one play last Friday that stood out randomly to me was when KR drove and lobbed it up to TK about 8 ft from hoop. Tee defenders converged on TK and last year he would have held his ground and probably put up a hook but tbis year he sliced thru te middle of both defenders and did a drop step to the hoop, was nice move. If he keeps committed to weight room and speed/agility training he’s got huge upside. 2000 point upside for sure. The compete level Friday was really high for him, he was all over the floor and scrapping and fighting for loose balls. Fun to watch.