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Nobody is knocking TK. We have all acknowledged that he had a wonderful freshman season, surpassing those of GK and MM. We are all projecting that there will be very tangible improvement during his sophomore season. I’ve already said how impressive his #s would be even if we just extrapolate his freshman season. We all are extremely glad that he plays for our team. We also acknowledged, as have you that he is not now a plus athlete.
All we are doing is trying to discuss what trajectory TK will take in the future. The sky is the limit…but how high is up?

IMO, in terms of NBA projection, comparing TK to his father may not be legitimate. TK will be coming out of college about 30 years after his father. PFs are 6-10 today. The better barometer may be MM. They will coming from the same level of competition in a similar era. Let’s just see how they compare over the next 3 years.