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I think we stand to learn a lot more about this year’s team tonight than we did on Friday. For a lot of reasons, Friday was unusual – the “mystique” of a big-time ranked team, the big new arena, nova’s trapping press, etc.
Things I’m looking to see: extended minutes for KR, interior D (which we almost didn’t have to play vs. nova), can AP repeat his performance, and what the rotation will look like. I’m guessing that, for the nova game, we were probably doing a lot of experimenting.
I saw the same thing in the earlier Canisius results – they’ve generated a lot of TOs too. Should be a good test – did we learn and adjust?
Also agree with jimk72 – love the pregame analysis! And it led me to a KenPom subscription this year too! I think he should be paying you a commission, 65!