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I missed the Nova game so this was my first chance to watch the team. Few observations:

– I think this team will be really good…next year. I said it in preseason and I’ll say it again, I think this year will be a rollercoaster. Too much youth for any sort of consistency.

– Watching the game I thought Tim didn’t play great, but he still ended up with 19 and 7. Could have been 25 with some more generous roles. Stud.

– I got overexcited after seeing AP’s Nova box score. I like his increased aggresiveness, but he still needs to be smarter on both ends and find more ways to influence the game. He had a few unlucky roles, but also some bad shots.

– Really liked JG’s energy. Don’t care if he starts or comes off the bench, but he needs equal minutes to JC.

– I thought MS did an admirable job filling in at the point when KR had foul trouble in the first half.

– Really liked BA’s aggressiveness attacking the rim. A HUGE element that last year’s team lacked (and really since CJ) is a perimeter guy that can get to the cup and finish or get fouled. Was excited to see that plus a couple really nice passes.

– Seems like CS isn’t sure of his role on this team.

Real sloppy game overall. Tough to win the battle of the boards and hold the opponent to 32% shooting and still lose. But the offense/execution was that bad. Some really poor turnovers and inability to finish inside. Hopefully the good side of this team comes out for the weekend and they get their first W of the season.