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Underwhelming ………

Fan support: You’d think after the way we preformed against Villanova there’d be more than 72 students (actual head count behind the basket mid-way thru the second quarter) in attendance. How about a pep-band? Give me a cheerleader! No chance….no way! Where’s are the fans? Certainly some of the PPL crowd on Friday resided in the Valley and could have made it out to Stabler. No? Guess not. Total announced/assumed paid attendance: 711. Two-hundred of which must have stayed home.

Half-court offense: What ½ court offense ?! Few set plays seemed to work – even those called after timeouts. This time our turnovers (20) occurred mainly in the forecourt with Tim, Justin and Brandon fumbling it away a combined 11 times. Everyone got into the turnover act – that is except for Stefan in his 6 minutes of play. Simply, our heads were not in the game.

AP’s Play: Some days you have it…….others days you don’t. After going 10 for 17 on Friday, Austin turns in a ‘not unexpected” 1 for 9 with 5 PFs in 24 minutes. As mentioned in my earlier write-up, history shows that this guy can run hot and cold more so than perhaps anyone else on the team. Sometimes you gotta know when to shut it down and find someone else on the team to fill the basket. It didn’t happen last night.

Kahron: Two quick PFs resulted in another quick exit from the game. Perhaps trying to do too much, as parents had a ringside seat in Row 1/ Section 3. Look for a big bounce back effort against Rider on Friday.

Other Thoughts……………..

Corey Schaefer: Let it fly, Man! Too often – by my count 4 times – our captain would not pull the trigger on an open shot. Good assist man (picked up another 4 last night) but an equally fine shooter (3 for 6 on the year with a career shooting percentage of .429). Would like to see him come off of picks and not position himself in the corners.

Brandon Austin: Gotta love his move to the basket and energetic play. Sure to be a fan favorite. After seeing little (5 minutes) playing time in Game 1 (Reed held him out for what was an apparent matter of misconduct…missing team event/meeting, etc.), he set out to prove himself worthy of playing time last night and did so in a big way.

Jesse Chuku: Need your interior presence. Four offensive rebounds in two games (50 minutes) won’t cut it. PS: The 3’s (0 for 4) are not falling anyway.

When will we see either JRG or KMcC?

Is CB still hurting physically?