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Lehigh students, alumni, and fans should be embarrassed! What an awful turn out for a home opener for a team that showed so much against Nova. I have been to High School, D3, and D2 basketball games with three times as many fans in the stands. Not to mention the lifelessness of the few fans that were there, pathetic!

Unfortunately the players seemed to reflect the attitude of the crowd and no-show students. Team was lifeless unfocused and genuinely seemed disinterested at times. Hopefully just hangover effects of great effort against Nova.

TK: Was good but I think even if you asked him he would say he should have been way better. We can talk about unlucky rolls but I believe you control your luck by the way you play. Some of those rolls where a direct effect of being off balance or going up to softly. POY candidate for sure should be better.

AP: ?

KR: Made some rookie mistakes but all in all his play was solid for 2nd game of his career. Sat way to long in first half.

JC: Another disapperaring act. Brilliant at times then unseen for long stretches.

JG: What does he need to do to warrant more time? Changed game right before halftime then very limited time in second half.

CS: Needs to step up vocally and demand a bigger role offensively.

BA: Slow down everyone. He did do some things well. However, watch the little things. He got bailed out on the first two shots with foul calls which were not fouls. His shot selection is not good even on two of the shots he made which will hurt this team down the road if it continues. I did like the fact that he got to the line and made his free throws. I do get nervous with players that seem to be concerned with individual production over the team. Just a feeling.

Talented team that seems to be missing something, hopefully they come together over the next couple weeks. Little nervous because IMHO Canisius is a 500 team at best, I was not impressed.