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I plan to be there. No clue how to meet up with you guys/gals.

1) Yes, I saw a tweet that said something special uni-wise was revealed Sunday.

2) As much as a Lehigh fan as I’ve been over the years — most of my friends and family think I’m crazy — I’m not even feeling guilty about NOT being EXCITED for this game.

Most years it has really become a big deal — playoff implications on the line in one way or another.

This year, when it should really be big, we’ve got two 3-7 teams?

No place to tailgate with our buds?

3:30 start? Massive traffic after! What time will be get home or back to our hotels — 8 or 9? Playing in dark when it’s nippy out, so far away from the field?

A secondary that seems to get burned at every turn against a team that can exploit it?

I’m just not that excited. …

Should be a close game but …

I’m already looking forward to basketball and wrestling season and 2015 football season.

So ambivalent I won’t make a prediction. A tie would be a fitting finish, but impossible, I guess.

Hopefully I’ll be surprised …