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Since we were off last night, I watched some of the other hoops available on PLN last night. After our showing vs. Canisius, I’m left feeling more than a little uneasy about our season. The pards were excellent against Princeton – shot the lights out and did everything well. 54.7% from the floor, 58.8% from 3. Only 7 TOs while turning the Tigers over 17 times. I didn’t see any of their game vs. WVU, but they’ve now had 2 very strong performances against decent teams in Princeton and RMU. Maybe just a reminder of how things can swing from game to game, I dunno. I need to see a bounce-back vs. Rider, and per 65’s info above, Rider should be better than Canisius.
On the upside, I also caught some Loyola vs. UMBC, which was some pretty awful basketball.