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Such a disappointment after a great effort against Nova. At first, I felt bad for the team that so few folks came out to watch, but ultimately I was disappointed for the fans that had to watch such an awful performance. So many wasted and pointless possessions.

Sorry to be so harsh. But I hold Doc primarily responsible. What were they trying to accomplish? Chuku’s 3 point game? The Freshman’s penetration adventures?

Kempton had a nice performance, but it did not seem they were really trying to establish anything with him.

IMO, Corey is our best outside shooter – after 84 games at Lehigh he has pretty well established that. So why does he think his job is to swing the ball to a Freshman? Why is he pass first, drive and pass second, shoot third?

I’d like to see Corey and Tim in a two man game. Last year we were using a high screen with big to create a pick-n-roll. Where is that?

Lastly. I’m trying done waiting for SC to demonstrate his shooting prowess. He may be a ‘sniper’ in practice or in warm-ups or in summer league – but in games he does not seem to be able to relax.

Perhaps that is on Doc – none of his senior leaders seem to play with any confidence or flow ..