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I think your post is right on. I would love to see TK and CS run the high pick and roll. We used to run it a ton with GK, although I didn’t like it when he popped as a jump shooter rather than rolled to the hoop. But, it would be nice to see TK set the high pick and let CS work off of it. That would be a solid 2 man game.

Regarding SC, he has been a bit of an enigma since he arrived. He has had his spots where he knocked down some jumpers in games, but never the consistency. He has never really gotten consistent minutes, and he has never taken a stranglehold on a position. I like to arrive early and watch the shootarounds before games. I recall one night at Bucknell, watching SC knock down about 30 3’s in a row, and I have seen CS put on similar displays. But, you have to be able to do it with a hand in your face, coming off a screen with little time to square up.

I think CS needs to change his game a little bit. He needs to be a primary scorer on this team. Not the first option, that will be TK, but I would be comfortable with him as a second option, or definitely a third option. Doesn’t look like we are going to get big scoring from the PG spot, or the 4 spot, so up to AP and CS to carry us from the outside. I am fine with either of them off the dribble as well, but tough for them to consistently finish at 6’3″.

I think CS has the basketball IQ to know his role. He has to know with his experience, the times in a game where he needs to step up his offensive production and become a leader at that end of the floor. When the team is struggling to get buckets, he needs to be a lot more selfish.