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I was there. And was shocked when I got home and saw the stats. Out rebounded them 34-22….(11-6 offensive boards us !). 100 F***ing % from the foul line (13 for 13)! How did we lose this? 17 turn overs to their 8. And though total shots from the field were fairly even (53-52 us), they shot 25 times from the foul line to our 13. They had way more possessions because of the TO’s. Again. But the Mora video is appropriate. Another perfectly winnable game if we don’t get sloppy with the ball.
Subjective notes….. It seemed they came up with easy baskets when we tied or on the few occasions when we led. Seemed we lost focus on defense at just the wrong moments. Or we’d throw the ball away or walk. They hit tough 3’s at about 2 on the shot clock twice, and hit a long three at the buzzer in the first half. Rider isn’t bad and they are rather big, making this lose even more frustrating. I know we are what our record says we are. But the pieces and talent are there. BA had 30 generally impressive minutes. AP got it going again for the most part. And TK with another double double. But why such limited use of Goldie? And JC with just one rebound?