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I couldn’t get to the game or see the BroncVision broadcast on the net. Family commitments, you know. Therefore, anxious to read everyone’s take on the event. Left only with a stat sheet, it’s clear we shot the ball well but done-in again by our sloppy play! Here’s a case where the numbers don’t lie.

    Opponent/Our Turnovers/Their Pts. Scored Off Them

Villanova / 31 / 23
Canisius / 9 / 20
Rider / 17 / 17

3- Game Totals / 57 / 60

KenPom reports turnovers in a different but highly revealing way. He looks at the percent of our offensive possessions that result in a turnover. Sadly, we rank among the worse in the nation @ 338th and last in the PL losing possession of the ball 28.6% of the time. Of equal importance, we force an opponent turnover in just 14.3% of their possessions.