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I’ve been quiet all week. Game was truly awful. Its just sad to watch this, glad it came to a merciful end.I think the 4th and 21 TD by LC summed up the season. That TD was truly comical. All the LU fans laughed with me in astonishment like really? 41 carries for 304yds when you knew they had to run the ball with the QB situation? EVERYONE knew #29 was getting the ball except LU coaches. I like Botts, but he has to step down as DC. Will Coen give him a life jacket and make him a D assistant, who knows. Hate i spent money for this game when I couldve watched it on TV and turned it off at half. ALOT of decisions to be made over the off season. One thing is for sure, EVERY kid on that D should worry for his job and know it isnt a given for next yr, the DBs absolutely suck……all of them. You can hate me now if you like.

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