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No todd,if anything Brad may have less concern with returning QBs :). Altho, embarrassing play will not help recruiting. at our level kids look at schools then football. But,if your program appears to be a cluster fuck spiraling down,definitely may provoke second thoughts. Dont forget that Andy recruited very well during and after 3 losing seasons. There is a lot of talent in fr and so classes. We return a lot.
Staff. Dread big turnover again in staff. I dont see much sense in keeping D staff. Inexperience. Yup we had a lot. No longer an excuse for today. D did get better over the year,but never ever good. That’s coaching.
I am stunned by how badly we played in the 1st half. How is it possible for team not to show up. Andy pointed to we failed to “execute” here and then there and then there again …. who is responsible for that?