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Anyone who knows Lehigh/Lafayette knows it’s about seniors playing what is near-certain to be their final games, frequently elevating to heights of their playing ability.

Sodeke – 9 carries, 28 yards, 3.1 per carry

Parris – 1 catch, 30 yards, longest play from scrimmage except for Leigh TD, 2 targets

Coyle – 0 catches, 0 targets

Gaul – 0 catches, 1 target

You are not going to win any Lehigh/Lafayette games if you exclude the seniors to that extent. How? How are they not more in the gameplan? How do you not feed Parris the ball 7, 8, 9 times in the final game of his college career? Coyle is known for catching touchdown passes against Lafayette – how do you not target him ONCE? Gaul has been a game role player – how do you not throw the ball his way 4, 5 times?

We deserved to lose. We didn’t even give these kids a CHANCE to win the game. Forget the lack of discipline, which also drove me crazy, the constant gifts of untimely penalties, and some awful turnovers and near-turnovers. Parris starts the game with a beautiful 30 yard reception, warming himself up for a great sendoff game as a senior, and you… never use him again?

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