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Well said and true. Coyle was open at times but Nick seemed to disdain that checkdown trying to get a bigger play. Pard 2ndary quite good. Key to me on O was OL getting savaged by Pard D. Nick sacked 4 times,but more relevant they shut down run daring us to pass and we couldn’t. For that matter we did nothing on O consistently. Partly us partly their D. OL just never got control of LOS.Out physicalled was Andy’s description. A sad commentary.
Regardless of the bright spots that no dout will appear in LU’s write up, bottom line D has given up big plays all season . Today was no different. O today did nothing for most of the game. Whether we got seniors more involved would not have made much difference.
Scary thought to ponder,we will be even younger next yr with a smaller senior class.