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Can’t argue with the fine assessments of the team and its future by 90, SB and 00 offered up in the Rider post. The present day producers on this team are young and we, as fans, need to be patient. I couldn’t be more excited about the prospects of TK, JC, AP, KR, and BA taking us forward. Together they bring a combined “games played” number of 111 into today game against Columbia. KR and BA together total 6. KenPom reports LU to average 1.32 years in experience – a rank of 282 out of the 352 D-1 teams. And, that’s not looking at simply the starting five I outlined above.

One of the things I’ll be most anxious to watch in the coming days is the play and leadership talents of our seniors: CS, SC and CB. All seem destined – if not already (SC and CB) – to take a backseat to what I’ll call the present “dream 5” named above. And, there’s no arguing….the play of each hasn’t been stellar to date. Like others, I’ll be most anxious to watch the one guy on our team with the most experience (99 games played/40 games started) and the guy named our Captain, Corey Schaefer. Does his play pick up to his sophomore and junior year standards? Is his slow start attributable to time spent away (future job related) from campus this past summer? If he takes a back seat to KR and AP, how does it affect his play off the bench? Will his leadership talents be evident and pay dividends to the team? That last one will be difficult to judge, knowing what appears to be his silent personality. Hey, just another thing to watch as the countdown to Colgate(12/31/14) continues.