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Doc Qb

Few thoughts. On defense, it didnt matter if it was Laub or Newton’s side, LC tied them up and had the edge all day long. They never kept contain, got hooked easily, and pulling Oline got to second level easily after a scrape on one of the two and got in just enough of Colton’s way they big yards were the norm. Watch the replay and focus on the LOS totally…its kinda impressive. The LC coaches will watch that and feel pretty damn good for sure. Great execution. Their third string TB would have 200 yards w that. And a TD (or near TD) and that damn wheel route…every fucking year since Jonathan Hurt. Al Peirce picked one off a few years back…was he the only guy looking at film?

Two. We should never get beat by a second string qb (hello Bucknell) let alone a third. Thats a gift from god game plan wise. But u would never know it.j

Three. We should NEVER be held to seven points. Ever. No gadget or gimmick plays. Only screend were the Nick side arm WR ones, which were terrible. In my time, Kempa and Semptimphelter made a living w what looked like were check downs to TE or RB out of backfield. They were CALLED plays. It forced LBs to not take 20 yrd drops on passing downs, u had to honor the field in front if them. That opened up our crosses/digs/seam routed for big yardage. We dont set that up at all. Too many qb runs. We used to dare u to blitz…it gave us the option route on a number of plays and the ability to take your guy in man coverage to the house. Now a blitz favors the D. I am unsure if the answer is or isnt Nick…i was a local QB but never got the spotlight, so I’ll ways root hard for him. Talk w him after each home game. But, he hasnt progressed enough, which is on coaches. But if they are playing to his only strengths as best as possible, maybe he isnt the answer.

I watched first half again when I got home. Maybe its too simplistic, but gameplan seemed poor. Put ten in the damn box, u know #29 is getting every carry. Have something different on O. It looked like an early season game where u keep it vanilla and try to feel your way thru an early game. It was game eleven. 150. U pull out all the stop.

Hard to watch. Just too many questions.