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The defense was so bad all year it is almost impossible to believe. Virtually every time Lafayette ran a sweep in yesterdays game they got a minimum of 5 yards. They started out the game running the same play (sweep left) 3 times in a row and each time it went for substantial yardage. Our pass rush was anemic all year and our defensive backs were consistently out of position and not looking back to locate the ball at the appropriate time. I can’t believe our defensive personnel is that much worse than anyone else in the Patriot League, so I conclude the problem has to be coaching. I think we need a new defensive coordinator and a totally new approach. The defensive scheme should revolve around the strengths of the players not trying to fit the players into a predetermined scheme. I would leave the decision of whether to replace the defensive position coaches to the new coordinator.

I give the offense a little bit of a pass just because we lost so many of our starting offensive linemen. Two were lost before the season started and two more in the Yale game. I’m sure that impacted our offensive productivity all season long. That being said, I do think a change at the quarterback position is in order. Shafnisky is a gamer and a good runner. However, he does not have the arm strength and accuracy most Lehigh quarterbacks have had over the last 40 years.